Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'll marry your princess, and make her my queen X Ava's giveaway winner!

Aside from being a high school teacher and a blogger, I'm also an event coordinator! Dream Events Express Planners, (former management's name: Dreamlike Events Management) spearheads events such as debuts, birthday parties, corporate events, anniversaries, and weddings of course. We just had two weddings this summer, and one of those was a beach wedding held in The Lighthouse Marina in Subic. The experience was totally overwhelming. It was my first time to witness a beach wedding. Though it was a civil wedding, the same intensity was present all throughout the ceremony and reception. The photos will tell you why.

On the day that I marry your daughter.
On our way to Subic.
The DEEP girls preparing for lunch. :)

DEEP fasyooon!
Me, Ate G, and Mae

With Kuya Allan :)

I so love the shot! :)
Ate G and Ate Belle :)
Hello Lighthouse!
Dream 1: To be able to operate this.
Can't resist those paintings!
Ahoy! Lovely ships used as a centerpiece :)
The ceremony venue :)
DEEP's treasure box! For monetary gifts, letters and cards!
The registration booth.
Hello The Lighthouse Marina! Hello open BAR! :)
LHM team setting up for the reception.
Mike and Joy's loveseat for the reception!
Love this!
Dream 2: To ride on a parachute.
Mike's parents and eldest brother!
Nikki in action! Love this shot too!
Sunset. <3
Joy, almost in tears while delivering her wedding vow
The cutest boys in the planet!!!
Til death do us part.

Mike's in tears after the speech!!
During the contract signing.
Congrats Joy and Mike Schneider!

Directing the photographers :) Practicing engagement styling. HAHA

I love this boy! I forgot his name, but swear to God, I won't ever forget his smile! 
The epic wedding cake. Simply breath-taking!

Too beautiful not to post!

The Lighthouse by night.

The reception :)

I"m in love! HAHA! :)
Another shot.

Hi Mae! Follow her.

Here's what I wore that day! :)

Wore this before the wedding! IT WAS EXTREMELY HOT that day!
Forever 21 Cheetah prints dress// Tawny brown rope belt// Brown vintage sling purse// Multi-layered black n Brown Gladiator Sandals

During the wedding ceremony. A comfty yet chic outfit!
 White boyfriend shirt from Bangkok// black top// brown rope belt// DIY Mossimo shorts// Gladiator sandals// vintage sling purse// straw hat// green neckpiece

 Sorry for the heavy blog post! I just have to post those pictures! :)

As promised, I'm trying my best to update my blog despite my busy schedule! Oh and btw, thank you so much to AVA TE! I won the 3rd prize in her blog give away! Visit her blog too! She's so AMAAAZING! She'll also be having her third give away soon so watch out for that! :) ARTSY FARTSY AVA

Have the best Friday tomorrow! 


AVA T.♥ said...

i'll actually be including more maybelline prizes hehe!

ghoent said...

beauuuuutiful venue and arrangements! now considering a beach setting as an option for my dream wedding.. HAHA.

congrats on the event and in winning Ava's giveaway! =)

The Cheshire Cat said...

Hi Nikki! Thanks for following. I love your photos especially the "Nikki in action" shot. =)

Great outfits too!

~followed you back

Lots of love,

feH said...

Cute photos! :D

Sherley S. Wijaya said...

cute photos, love your outfits! <3

erica marie said...

great photos...I've never been to a beach wedding but it seems so beautiful.


Kimberly said...

great photos looks like such a beautiful wedding you look adorable! now following!

Jenny said...

you have such beautiful photos. :)


ThePinkMargarita said...

Hello Nikki! :) thanks for dropping by my blog. wow, just 20 years old but already a high school teacher. how cool is that? ^_^ anyway, i've been to the Lighthouse before and the place is lovely. great photos by the way!

following you now :) follow me back?
take care!

much love,

Abi said...

Thanks for your comment, the place is soo nice!

Tessa said...
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Tessa said...

hi there nikki. thank u so much for dropping by my blog :) I'm now following you too. ty for that also.

beautiful wedding.

btw, you look great in both of your dresses. i admire women who can wear cheetah prints. i'm afraid of wearing myself because im quite big and i might look like a real big cheetah instead. hehe.

and wow. you're a high school teacher? i bet the students think you're like one of them. you look so young.

thanks again for following and dropping by :)

have a nice weekend :)

*deleted the first comment. too many typos. :D sorry.

marialĪµ said...

how do you make time to do all those things, wow!

the ceremony venue looks gorgeous!
My Fashion Bug

Strawberry Freckleface said...

I thought these photos were straight out of a magazine. So good. Loved looking at them! xo

strawberry freckleface

AVE-MARIA said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog
your pictures are wonderful
sweet greetings from germany

Mikimoto Angel said...

Jaw-dropping photos! I love them BIG TIME! You look good on your outfits as well. :-)

Being an event coordinator is also one of my biggest dreams.

Much love from Mystic Nymph

I just followed you. :-)

chrysa said...

Beautiful wedding and great photos! It is such an intersesting job to be an event coordinator!

Following you now both on Bloglovin and Google:)
I would love it if you followed me back!

Thank you in advance!

Stories and Sequins

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love these! x hivenn

Nikki Abella said...

@Ava. Oh wooow! That's totally amazing! You're too kind! Hihi. Thank youuuu dear! :))

@Ghoent. Thank you so much! I really enjoy joining in giveaways! There's no harm in trying anyway! :)

@Jemy. Thanks for following back! :) You have an awesome blog! :)

@Feh. Thank you! I'm following you already! :)

@Sherley. Thanks dear! :)

@Erika. That was my first time too! Too bad the Catholic church doesn't allow wedding ceremonies be held outside the church. :| Thanks for dropping by! :)

@Kimberly. Awww thank youuu! :)

@Jenny. Thanks for following dear! :)

@PinkMargarita. Hi Melissa! Thanks for following! I already followed your awesome blog! :) The place is really great! I hope we could go back there next summer! :) Yes, I know! I hope students won't take advantage of my age. HAHA! Thank you dear! :) Will check out your blog often! :)

Nikki Abella said...

@Abi. Thanks dear! I knoooow, isn't it gorgeous? HAHA! :)Thankyou!

@Tessa. Thanks for the lovely comment! :) Will check your blog often too! :) I'm in love with cheetah prints! It's too catchy and fasyooon! HAHA! You should try this trend too! If you think you'll look like a cheetah (like what you said) you'd be the hottest and prettiest cheetah-woman ever! Kidding. :) Yes, I know! I hope my students would still respect me even if I'm just 20. I bet they will since they're just freshies. :) Thanks tessa! Take care! :)

@Mariale. Hello dear! :) It takes a lot of planning planning and a lot more planning to be able to execute and spearhead a one-of-a-kind wedding! Thankyou so much! :)

@Strawberyy freckleface. Why thankyou! It's really flattering! :) Following you now! :)

Nikki Abella said...

@Ave maria. Thank you dear! :) Thanks for dropping by! :)

@Mikimoto Angel. Really? You could join our team if you want too! :) Hihi. Thank you so much for your comment! Following back! :)

@Chrysa. Oh that's so sweet of you! :) Thanks dear, I've already returned the love! Hihi. Thank you so much! :)

Nikki Abella said...

@Jazzy. Thank you dear! :)

princess said...
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