Monday, May 30, 2011

Milkshake Inc. Soft Launch and RW!

Last Saturday night, I was invited by my boyfriend's sister,  Ate Kitty Mercado to the soft launch of MILKSHAKE INC. at Calle Sirocco in Makati. Milkshake is a clothing line owned by four lovely ladies that sells clothes for women that would surely bring out their inner fashionista. They don't do reselling, but rather, they are the designers of the clothes that they sell and that's what makes them different from all thousands of clothing lines that can be found in the world wide web. Totally uhhh-ma-zing!

The event was freakin'  awesome! The models didn't just shake the venue, but they rocked the night away! The host also did a great job! Congratulations to Ate Kitty and to her friends as well for pulling off a great show!

The deliciously sexy, ever-gorgeous and extremely hot owners of Milkshake Inc.! 

You should check out their awesome facebook page! Milkshake will be having its grand launching soon, so we better watch out for that!
Guys, meet Ate Kitty! Whyyyyy so pretttyyyyy???? :)

Kevin Gray, the upbeat and super game host who spearheaded the night!

Meet the stunning models with their designers! Teehee! :)
Mike Chan in action! I love his version of "The Man Who Can't be Move" by The Script!

Feeling very inferior with Ate Kitty's beauty! Woah! :)

Meet the Mercado family! :)

Hello Cookieboy! :)

 *All photos were from Ate Kitty's FB account. Thankyou! :)

After the Milkshake event, we went to Resorts world together with Cookie's mom and dad. We arrived there at around 1 o'clock in the morning. It's one of the most upscale places here in the metro, and it's indeed a "place that never sleeps".

Since we have eaten a scrumptious dinner at Kanin Club in Technohub before going to Makati, we decided to have some desert at New Orleans.

I fell in love with this red velvet cake with cream cheese! Love at first bite indeed! Cookie's choco mud pie was also okay. JUST OKAY. :)

While walking around, we saw this. It's too beautiful to ignore, that's why I took a picture of Rajo laurel's work.
Too bad weren't on guestlist! Anyway, there's always a next time!

I'm still in love with this. :)
We were supposed to watch movie, but Cookie hates cartoons. I don't know how he was able to move on from watching cartoons so fast.

Cookie: FIERCE! :)
I love my boyfriend. And his Puma Suede shoes as well. :)
 I also took advantage of Cookie's kindness! I asked him to take outfit photos of me! :D *super happy*

Chocolate brown sheer used as a cover up, apple green top, blue skinnies, hot pink belt with silver buckle, brown gladiator sandals, darkblue Longchamp bag, pink ethnic nechpiece and colored cuffs, pink feather earrings.
It was his first time to take an outfit photo of mine. I'm really happy because he was really game for this! :)

That's it for now! I'll really try to update my blog often! Take care, loves! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I missed this!

Hi guys! I'm so so sorry for being missing in action for such a long time. Been very very busy with school, events, and youth camps. As much as I would want to blog every single detail of my summer, my hectic schedule won't allow me. I have so many stories to tell! I could say that this summer has been one of my most productive summers ever!

I miss everyone! :( Will be back to my usual blogging soon! I just have to finish all my requirements before the school year starts. I don't want to receive memos in my first day of teaching. HIHI. For those who will go to the B.U later, take care! Too bad I can't be there. My "school life" is taking over my social belongingness. HAHA! :) Anyway, take care everyone! You're still 'ze greatest! :*


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Luxury Blogger Award!

Kat of MISS KAT V, gave me this Luxury blogger award! This is the first award I received since I started blogging. HAHA! Horray for me! Thank you so much Kat for this! You're so thoughtful! :) Check out her blog! She's really amazing! :)

Luxury Blogger award rules:
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 blogs.
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.


Since I just started blogging a month ago, you may not know me that much yet. So I'll be enumerating some things that defines who I am.

1. I love performing on stage way too much!!

Say hello to our Albertus Magnus Auditorium! (UST-EDUC AUDI) I've performed on this stage countless times already! HIHI! :)
*Credits to Alvin Adriano
Cadie, an emo-suicidal girl in DejaVukol, 2010.
Penny Pingleton @ Hairspray adaptation, UST-MED AUDI, 2010
*Credits to Allan Abella, my brothur.

2. I've been to Australia, as a World Youth Day 2008 delegate. :)

Inside St. Mary's Cathedral, one of the most prominent churches in Sydney.

At War Memorial, a museum where Australia commemorates the wars endured by their country.

Hello, Harbor Bridge! Hello Nene face! :)
At Blue Mountains, were the caves are so beautiful and simply breath-taking.
*Since I miss Aussie and my WYD co-delegates, I'll make a post about this wonderful experience soon! Reminiscing!*

3. I feel so blessed and lucky to have a boyfriend and a best friend rolled into one! :) 

Guys, meet Cookie! The all-around best friend and boyfriend! We've been best friends for quite a long time already, and we've been together for almost two years now. :)

4. I'm a crybaby when it comes to watching movies/ good flicks.



Strangers Again, 2011.

5. I'm an event coordinator of Dream Events Express. :)

At Fernbrooks Wedding! With the pretty DEEP team!

6. I get drunk easily.
3 long years ago! asdfghj!

7. I love blogging!! Had several accounts here in blogspot before THE HOT MESS. :)





Done! Thanks again to Kat! :)) XOXO

Miss Flaunt It's Giveaway!

May of MISS FLAUNT IT will be having a blog giveaway! Since accessories are so in this summer, she decided to give bloggers a treat! Aren't you excited? Click the link below to join and win these awesome prizes!

*photos courtesy of May of MISS FLAUNT IT

Submit your entries before MAY 15! Goodluck!! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Forever young-- at heart.

I chose to be a teacher because it's one of the few professions that would make you feel young at heart forever. Since you are being surrounded by kids most of the time, you'll never feel old. Think of your first set of teachers. Do they still look the same when you were in preschool and now that you've just graduated from college? I bet they do. :)

Anyway, I've thought of this topic as my introduction for today's post. Last Wednesday, I spent my afternoon with my nephew, Andrew, who would be turning 7 this September. I was tasked to do some art projects for Arkin's  (my youngest nephew- I have 6 nephews btw) first birthday on Saturday. Since Andrew's very active and playful, I decided to take advantage of his very lively attitude. He became my photographer for the day and extended an extra hand for my tasks. :)


Pink cropped top with ribbon details
Blue cropped shorts
Multi-layered chain necklace
Black studded chain flats


Usual pajamies! :)

After our little photo session, we started doing the art projects. Andrew did want to help me, but since it would be quite difficult for him, I asked him to scribble something on a piece of paper and promised that it will be included in the final project.

Andrew, working very hard on his masterpiece.

I asked him to scribble something and this is what he did. Oh kids. :) 

Colored papers for the scrapbook!

Arkin's pictures for the photo wall.

Hello Andrewboy! :)

The haggard look! Mr. Sun hasn't been nice lately!

My Wednesday has been very productive! After doing all these, we went at Loyola Marikina to visit Lola. Afterwards, we ate a scrumptious dinner at Something Fishy in Eastwood. Hello buffet! Screw diet. :( HAHA! 

I'm really very busy right now! I'll be hosting Arkin's birthday tomorrow, and I'll also be going to UST to reserve a slot for my LET review. I hope tomorrow's events would be successful! :) 

Thanks for all your greetings for my blog's first month! I'll keep you posted about my upcoming blog giveaway! :) Have a superb weekend! :)


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