Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer and Shopping: Insights

I know all of us are fans of summer vacations. It's really one of the best months of the year because we get plenty of rest after a very stressful and almost-suicidal academic year. Summer is synonymous to fun! We get a chance to hit the beach, drink with friends until the wee hours of the morning without even worrying about what would happen the next day, spend all day and all night tweeting, blogging and facebooking, endless get-together parties with college, high school, elementary and even some preschool friends, and engaging ourselves to random interesting activities to spare us form boredom such as youth camps, fashion shows, photoshoots, and other stuffs similar to those. 

Summer's almost perfect. Except for one thing-lack of money, or worst, no allowance at all! Even if I want to spend my free time shopping til I literally drop, I can't because I don't have the moolah. Thank God for these little blessings that I receive every now and then that I'm still capable to supply my needs as a woman. Chos. HAHA :)

Went shopping with my sister-in-law, Ate Gang! I wasn't able to buy much, but I was more than satisfied with what I bought. :)

Shopping! Ultimate stress reliever! :)

Straw hat! It reminds me of the recent Coachella event! :)

Black and white turban! I was very undecided whether to buy this design or the leopard print. But my instincts told me to buy this print since leopard prints are very common these days. Guise, instincts. 

The very chunky and funky glasses! I can's top myself from buying 3 pairs!

Feathered earrings! I bought two pairs, the other one is red. Too bad I misplaced it! I shall find it later after this post!

Apple green high waisted shorts! :) This never go out of style!

Pink cropped top with ribbon details. The ribbons made me buy this top! Sorry if it's wrinkled hahaha

These newly-purchased items made me really happy! Looking forward for another shopping spree! Any sponsors? HAHA! Kidding. :) Let's all make the most out of our summer! Thanks for all your lovely comments! You guys are still amazing as ever!


LiezyL said...

oh my, i adore all the glasses and the feather earrings! on second thought, i LOVE everything that you bought!

Pineapple Monsters said...

I love the glasses! And those shorts are incredible as well, so perfect for summer! :)



Alina F. said...

Love the shorts and the earrings!Great purchases!xoxo

REINA said...

the sunglasses are so freaking cool nikki!
they look like harry potter style to me. i love!

Kathleen said...

aw thanks so much lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours as well! :) and wow, i loove all your items you got! and yes, shopping is so so much fun. i love the round sunglasses the most! :)

<3, Kathleen.

Nikki Abella said...

@Liezyl. Thank you! Before school starts, I'll be having a giveaway!Hope you'll join! :)

@Nix. Thanks! I really love the shade of this HWS. Perfect for color-blocking purposes. :)

@Alina. Thank you very much! :)

@Reina. Same here! It reminds me of Hogwarts! HAHA! :) Thanks!

Nikki Abella said...

@Kathleen. Thanks for following back! I appreciate it a lot :)) Thank you dear! Shopping is the ultimate stress reliever ever! :)

Apple Adventure said...

thanks for dropping by at my blog.
i follow you back dear.
nice post and i agree shopping is really a stress reliever for us girls.

thechyrelgomez said...

I LOVE the glasses and the straw hat and colored shorts!! :)

Nikki Abella said...

@Apple. Thanks for following back! I really appreciate it a lot! :) Cheers to that! :)

@Chyrel. THANK YOU DEAR! :) I hope we could bump into each other on our next shopping adventure~! Teehee! :)

Anne Garais said...

very nice pieces..ilove everything esp. those harry pottr glasses! adorable! :))


Abi said...

omg those feather earings! where did you get those? nice blog btw! :)

followed you. :) please follow back, :)


grapiks said...

ayos sa pics! saan kuha yan?

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