Saturday, June 4, 2011

School, we meet again.

Not as a student anymore, but as a teacher. 

Eight years ago, I was just a freshman high school student. I can still remember how excited I was during the first day of school. I wasn't able to get too much sleep the night before because of this unexplainable and overflowing  happiness. The thought of going to school, stepping out of your comfort zones from your grade school years and meeting new people whom you could label as friends really gave me an ecstatic feeling. When I stepped inside the room, I was greeted by my new adviser who became one of my inspirations in life. But eight years has been too long and a lot has changed. This coming school year, I will be that teacher.
Until now, I can't believe the fact that I already have a vital role in the teaching profession. Just a few months ago, I was still a student and maybe that's the reason why all these facts haven't gotten into my skin yet. I'm really thrilled and excited to meet my students this coming June 16, and hopefully, they would be another batch of students to love. Aside from the fact that it'll be my first year of teaching, the idea of once-an-Anthonian-student-now-an-Anthonian-teacher makes it more challenging! Yes, I'll be teaching in my alma mater. Awkward it is to be co-teachers with your former teachers. HAHA! But the fulfillment is really priceless. Next to heaven.

Since I was too bored last week, I decided to take some random pictures at school. Gaaad, I love this place. This is a home to me already. Won't trade this for anything else. :)

The Blessed Caterina building: Upper School

And again.

Upper School quad: A lot of events in school happened here. Totally NOSTALGIC.

THE faculty room. FACULTY. I haven't swallowed the word yet. HAHA
The view from the corridor near my classroom.

I so love the trees near the canteen. One of the reasons why classrooms don't need air-conditioning units anymore.

2ndf corridor, near the admin's offices.
A good wifi spot: in the corridor outside my classroom! HAHA.


Included in my to-do list.

OWL RING// Don't you just love the colors of my nails? HAHA! Color-blocking! 

Butterfly ring //
Accessories for the day!

Color-blocking! Earrings from my co-teacher, T. Yannie! Thankyou Cher! :)
Sheer floral dress with lace// Gold rope belt // gold necklace with heart pendant

Hello to my classroom! Hello SELF-TIMER! Thanks to you!! HAHA!

Sheer floral dress with lace// Gold rope belt // gold necklace with heart pendant// Brown glads // accessories

I really owe a lot to my camera's self-timer! HAHA! I was too shy to ask my co-teachers to take my outfit posts. Hihi. :) They don't have any idea of my blog. I'm too shy to give them my URL. HAHA! :)

Will blog about my classroom next week! My 6 bulletin boards were finally done! I would just add some more details before I take pictures of it. HAHA! :)

That's all for now! I gotta hit the sack! My Saturday was so productive that's why I'm really tired! Thanks for all your comments! Hello to my new followers! <3 I love you all! :)

Oh and btw, HAPPY 2nd month to my blog! YAY!! I'm sorry for the delay of my giveaway. :( Would work on it once I finish everything that has to be settled. :) Promise! :)


Abi said...

you are the most kikay and 'maarte' teacher that I know. haha.Love it! thanks for your comment. :)

Valerie said...

Congrats on being a teacher! Hope everything works out great. And thanks for dropping by my blog, following you too. xx

Mikimoto Angel said...

Wow, you're such a beautiful teacher. I bet your students are definitely all eyes and ears for you.

I love what you did with your nails. So cool! Is your owl ring fro m ExtremeFinds?

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph

breakingrumours said...

Congrats on becoming a teacher!:) I used to have seniors who graduated and came back to teach,so its very inspiring to see you doing so with your alma mater. I hope you get a nice bunch of students! :) and love your blog! amazing outfit posts :) love the pictures!

Eynah said...

As I've said, I'm so excited for you. Got a little emotional when I saw the pictures of our high school building. Dami kong naalalang moments natin dati. Would surely visit you some time! I miss you, Ana! Good luck on your teaching career! I wish you the best :)

Alina F. said...

Great pictures!I wish our schools would look like that!Amazing!Love your outfit, also!xoxo

Torieee. said...

Congratulations :) Love your dress x

Marielleheart said...

Thanks cute, lovely blog! Off course I follow back!

mariska said...

lovely school..
and pretty dress


Nici said...

I really like the owl ring!
And it's such a cute dress you're wearing! :)

Kimberly said...

cute outfit love the dress and the accessories!

Ninin of The Two Miss Fits said...

what a cool teacher you look--complete with multi-colored nails! si teacher fashyoooon :P

thanks for visiting us!


LiezyL said...

i love the campus! and you are such a fasyon teacher!

Nikki Abella said...

@ Abi. Thankyouuu! hahaha! I hope my students wont be too distracted with my kakikayan. :))

@Valerie. Thanks for following back! So far, school's awesome! I hope I'd be able to feel the same happiness as years pass by. :)

@Mikimoto Angel. Awwww thanks! I'm blushing. HAHAHA! :) The ring was a gift from a friend last Christmas. :) Thanks for the lovely comment! You made my day! Hihi :)

@breakingrumours. Thanks! It's really amazing to teach in your alma mater. Aside from the fact that it's your comfort zone already, the people in your workplace are not your competitors, but they're your family. :)

Nikki Abella said...

@Eynah. ANNAAAAHLOTS! Awww touched ako. HAHAHA. Thank youuu! The school misses you just the same. :) Hihintayin ko kayo! Hihi. The first time I visited Magsay, napaluha ako. HAHAHA EMO! :)Hihintayin ko kayoooo! Love you! :)

Nikki Abella said...

@Allina. Thanks! It really is. Haha. Thankyou dear!

@Toriee. THankyou dear! :)

@Mariel. Thanks for following back! :) Will visit you blog often! :)

@Mariska. Thanks dear! :)))

@Nicci. Thank you! :)

@Kimbely. Thanks kim! :)

@Ninin. HAHAHA! Fasyyoooon! I just want to make a little difference. Students love to stereotype people, especially their teachers. Won't want to be known as the "20-year-old teacher who dress-up like a 80-year-old librarian". HAHAHA:)Kidd :)Thanks dear!

@Liezy. Thanks babe! I love this place too! :)

neon rose said...

you would be my favourite teacher if I was your pupil! love this blog :)

Miss Independent said...

wow, ur one hot teacher! i'm sure ur student will love u!

♥Elizabeth♥ said...

wow your school looks like a hotel! have fun teaching :)

come visit my blog?

Honey Andrade said...

I saw you following me on Twitter.. :) Checked out your blog just now.. Thanks for the follow btw.. Will visit your blog from time to time.. Take care!! :)

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