Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Her first year of eternal happiness.

Today marks the first year of eternal happiness of my Lola Leoring. She passed away at the age of 94. It was a very heartbreaking moment, because I wasn't able to witness her as she took out her last breath. I miss her so much and no one could ever miss her as much as I do, I guess.

I've always been a Lola's girl. I always love hanging out with her to play "lutu-lutuan" (pretending were cooking something real haha) and "teacher-teacheran" (imagining were at school, but I was always the teacher and she was the student). I also love playing with her sagging arms. I love pinching it because it's really very soft, and even if sometimes I press it real hard and she gets hurt, she won't bother to stop me from doing such. She also loves cooking. Everyday, she wakes up in the wee hours of the morning just to cook breakfast for us and prepare our "baon" for school. I've learned to love Papaitan, a famous Ilocano dish, because of her. She was the one who inspired me to engage myself in church organizations, that really made a big contribution when it comes to my spiritual growth. 

During her last days, I remember singing to her "Manang Biday", the only Ilocano song I ever get to learn. She was already bedridden then, and I was sitting in her hospital bed, holding her hand. There's a myth that says if you talk to them, they would try their best to answer back and speak again. And so I did. After a few hours of singing the song over and over again, suddenly, Lola sang with me! God, I was so happy! I called everybody in the house and told them what Lola did. Even if she wasn't able to sing and speak after that incident until her last waking hour, I was happy because I knew Lola did everything just to sing with me again.

I've been very busy the whole year, that I was only able to visit her resting place once and that was during her 40th day. I wasn't able to visit her during her birthday, Christmas, New Year, lent and other occasions, and I'm really sorry for that. I miss you Lola. I so miss you. Wherever you are, I know you're happy. You're always happy.

*Photos were taken on her last Christmas with us, December 25, 2009.

I love you forever, Lola!
I'm looking forward to taste your special Papaitan soon! :*


L.T. said...

Hi, I just came across your blog. These photos are precious and so are the memories with her.
All the best,
This is a great blog and I'm now going to follow :)

AVA T.♥ said...

Aww this made me remember my thai-kong or great grandfather. He was 92 when he passed away and I was pretty close with him too. :( But like you said, I know he's happy also wherever he is now :) Love the sweet photos, nikki!

Kumiko Mae said...

I love the photos <3 feel the love. Glad you shared. I'm sure your lola's happy :)

Dale said...

Just found your blog and this really is a touching post. It's so hard to have a grandparent pass who you are so close too. It's really sweet you posted this in memory of her.


Following you now.

thechyrelgomez said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

I've been there. Until now, I still shed a tear everytime I recall the day she passed away.

LiezyL said...

awww, im very close to my lola too!

fashioneggpplant said...

im a lola's girl too, this post almost made me cry and it also reminded me to cherish and spend as much time as i can with my mamita while she's till around :)

Nikki Abella said...

@LT. Thank you much! I'm following you back too. :))

@Ava. Awwww. It's really amazing how grandparents manage to build strong and incomparable relationships to their grandchildren. At least their now enjoying eternal peace. :)Thank you so much dear! :)

@Kumiko. Yes yes dear! Thank you! I know she is, wherever she may be! :)

@Dale. Thanks Dale! I'm also following you back. :) Yes, I know. I'm so lucky to have her as my grandmother. She's the greatest. :) Thankyou dear!

@Chyrel. I really miss her a lot. Maybe we're very attached to our grandparents that recalling those moments are still hard to bear. But let's just wish the best for them. :) Thank you Chyrel! :)

@Liezyl. Are you and Chyrel related to each other? Hihi. Dittoooo! :) Grandparents are absolutely love! :)

@Fashioneggplant. Awww thanks for appreciating this simple blog post. :) Yes you really should! You're so blessed to still have her physically, hihi. All of my grandparents in both mother and father sides already passed away. Make special memories with her. :) Thank you! :)

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