Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fever pitch.

Weeks ago, I, together with my co-teachers had a little photo session at school! The purpose of this shoot is for the AVP that will be shown in our general assembly on Monday! Too psyched for this! I wonder what our students would think once they see all of these pictures. HAHAHA. The theme of the shoot is of course, the COLOR BLOCKING trend! I'm feeling really sad because it's dying already. Rainy season began harshly, thanks to Falcon! GRR.

Purple peep-toe heels with ribbon details
Red maxi skirt- from my grandma's closet
Blue cropped top
Pearl necklaces in orange and purple
Straw boaters hat
Orange and brown bangles 

School has started already and so far, I'm loving every inch of it! Indeed, being a teacher will always and forever be, one of the noblest professions in the whole world. I'm blessed to be one. :)

Hope I could still update this blog despite my super hectic scheds! Thanks for the lovely comments. I'm doing great now! Let's all have a sunny Sunday tomorrow! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

I miss the guy who used to chase me even after the chase.

I have always been in love with the idea of change. Ever since I was a kid, I always yearn for something different. But not this time. Definitely not today.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.  ~Ellen Glasgow

No outfit posts for today. No rants about love from a teenager either.

Last night, I got a text message from a friend. It was really a joke, but my reaction to it was exactly the opposite of what people would initially feel.

 GF: I hate you!! With all my heart I hate you!
BF: I hate you too! You bitch!
GF: I may be a bitch but you're a jerk!! Damn you!
BF: Say whatever you wanna say, stupid woman! We're so done!
GF: I'm really stupid! I don't even know why I love someone like you, jerk!
BF: What? You love me?
GF: Yes I love you.
BF: Aw. I love you too. :)

Yes, I cried. This has always been the perfect description of our relationship. We fight a lot, we say mean things to each other due to the extreme intensity of emotions, but right after those drama, we see to it that we settle the things that should be settled. We were used to this kind of set-up that whatever happens, it would still be "us" at the end of the day and nothing could ever change that. 

But today's different. A lot different. Those "I love you's" and "You're special's" are no longer enough to fix what's broken. I don't know what happened. I don't know how we arrived at this certain phase in our lives. All I know is that the pain is unbearable.Too unbearable, that even words cannot explain how painful it is.

Honestly, I feel very weak whenever I think of our "sinking relationship." Have you ever thought of being inside a sinking boat with the person you love the most?  You want to save the life of that person with all our heart. You want to do everything just to keep him alive. But as you do your best to save him, a harsh reality slaps you right in the face: you don't know how to swim. And the worst comes afterwards. You both sink into the bottom of the ocean, clueless of what would happen next. That's how I feel right now. We're about to sink but I'm still fighting. I don't know how to swim, but what keeps me alive is my courage to face the forces of the current. I have always been like this: a fighter for love. I know it's already a cliche, but it's one of the characteristics that I'll be forever known for. I'm never a quitter, I never surrender, - for no one ever succeeded for giving up and letting go.

Aside from prayers, this poem never failed to give me hope.


I want to be so many things for you.
I want to be someone who reminds you every single day how much you are loved.
I want to be someone who makes you happy.
I want to be someone you can trust. With absolutely everything. everything you feel like sharing. Every hope and worry. Every joy. Every sorrow.
I want to be the one person you can always turn to. Someone you can laugh with whenever you want to, cry with if you ever need to, and just be yourself with... anytime.
I want to be the one thing you're sure about.
I want to be someone who makes you smile a million times more than I make you frown.
I want to make beautiful memories with you.
I want to go so many places with you.
I want to see more sunsets with you than I could even begin to count.
I want to sit across from you at dinner.
I want to talk about the day.
I want to hold you and walk with you and say a quiet thanks for you as many time as I possibly can.. in my time on this earth.

I want to be a part of your tomorrows.
I want you to be a part of every one of mine.
And more than anything else,

I want to be what you think of..
...every time you think of happiness
and forever
and love.

Whenever we're experiencing the "on-the-rocks" stage, I always read this poem. It was the first time he gave a letter to me. It was a gift for our second month, and honestly, it's really one of the best gifts I ever received so far. I shed a tear or two whenever I read this. It gives me hope that sooner or later, the good old days will be back, the good old us will return to life, and the spark of love will continue its glow until the day after forever. 

It's all just memories fading into a never-ending blur...

Yet I'm still holding on.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

School, we meet again.

Not as a student anymore, but as a teacher. 

Eight years ago, I was just a freshman high school student. I can still remember how excited I was during the first day of school. I wasn't able to get too much sleep the night before because of this unexplainable and overflowing  happiness. The thought of going to school, stepping out of your comfort zones from your grade school years and meeting new people whom you could label as friends really gave me an ecstatic feeling. When I stepped inside the room, I was greeted by my new adviser who became one of my inspirations in life. But eight years has been too long and a lot has changed. This coming school year, I will be that teacher.
Until now, I can't believe the fact that I already have a vital role in the teaching profession. Just a few months ago, I was still a student and maybe that's the reason why all these facts haven't gotten into my skin yet. I'm really thrilled and excited to meet my students this coming June 16, and hopefully, they would be another batch of students to love. Aside from the fact that it'll be my first year of teaching, the idea of once-an-Anthonian-student-now-an-Anthonian-teacher makes it more challenging! Yes, I'll be teaching in my alma mater. Awkward it is to be co-teachers with your former teachers. HAHA! But the fulfillment is really priceless. Next to heaven.

Since I was too bored last week, I decided to take some random pictures at school. Gaaad, I love this place. This is a home to me already. Won't trade this for anything else. :)

The Blessed Caterina building: Upper School

And again.

Upper School quad: A lot of events in school happened here. Totally NOSTALGIC.

THE faculty room. FACULTY. I haven't swallowed the word yet. HAHA
The view from the corridor near my classroom.

I so love the trees near the canteen. One of the reasons why classrooms don't need air-conditioning units anymore.

2ndf corridor, near the admin's offices.
A good wifi spot: in the corridor outside my classroom! HAHA.


Included in my to-do list.

OWL RING// Don't you just love the colors of my nails? HAHA! Color-blocking! 

Butterfly ring //
Accessories for the day!

Color-blocking! Earrings from my co-teacher, T. Yannie! Thankyou Cher! :)
Sheer floral dress with lace// Gold rope belt // gold necklace with heart pendant

Hello to my classroom! Hello SELF-TIMER! Thanks to you!! HAHA!

Sheer floral dress with lace// Gold rope belt // gold necklace with heart pendant// Brown glads // accessories

I really owe a lot to my camera's self-timer! HAHA! I was too shy to ask my co-teachers to take my outfit posts. Hihi. :) They don't have any idea of my blog. I'm too shy to give them my URL. HAHA! :)

Will blog about my classroom next week! My 6 bulletin boards were finally done! I would just add some more details before I take pictures of it. HAHA! :)

That's all for now! I gotta hit the sack! My Saturday was so productive that's why I'm really tired! Thanks for all your comments! Hello to my new followers! <3 I love you all! :)

Oh and btw, HAPPY 2nd month to my blog! YAY!! I'm sorry for the delay of my giveaway. :( Would work on it once I finish everything that has to be settled. :) Promise! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'll marry your princess, and make her my queen X Ava's giveaway winner!

Aside from being a high school teacher and a blogger, I'm also an event coordinator! Dream Events Express Planners, (former management's name: Dreamlike Events Management) spearheads events such as debuts, birthday parties, corporate events, anniversaries, and weddings of course. We just had two weddings this summer, and one of those was a beach wedding held in The Lighthouse Marina in Subic. The experience was totally overwhelming. It was my first time to witness a beach wedding. Though it was a civil wedding, the same intensity was present all throughout the ceremony and reception. The photos will tell you why.

On the day that I marry your daughter.
On our way to Subic.
The DEEP girls preparing for lunch. :)

DEEP fasyooon!
Me, Ate G, and Mae

With Kuya Allan :)

I so love the shot! :)
Ate G and Ate Belle :)
Hello Lighthouse!
Dream 1: To be able to operate this.
Can't resist those paintings!
Ahoy! Lovely ships used as a centerpiece :)
The ceremony venue :)
DEEP's treasure box! For monetary gifts, letters and cards!
The registration booth.
Hello The Lighthouse Marina! Hello open BAR! :)
LHM team setting up for the reception.
Mike and Joy's loveseat for the reception!
Love this!
Dream 2: To ride on a parachute.
Mike's parents and eldest brother!
Nikki in action! Love this shot too!
Sunset. <3
Joy, almost in tears while delivering her wedding vow
The cutest boys in the planet!!!
Til death do us part.

Mike's in tears after the speech!!
During the contract signing.
Congrats Joy and Mike Schneider!

Directing the photographers :) Practicing engagement styling. HAHA

I love this boy! I forgot his name, but swear to God, I won't ever forget his smile! 
The epic wedding cake. Simply breath-taking!

Too beautiful not to post!

The Lighthouse by night.

The reception :)

I"m in love! HAHA! :)
Another shot.

Hi Mae! Follow her.

Here's what I wore that day! :)

Wore this before the wedding! IT WAS EXTREMELY HOT that day!
Forever 21 Cheetah prints dress// Tawny brown rope belt// Brown vintage sling purse// Multi-layered black n Brown Gladiator Sandals

During the wedding ceremony. A comfty yet chic outfit!
 White boyfriend shirt from Bangkok// black top// brown rope belt// DIY Mossimo shorts// Gladiator sandals// vintage sling purse// straw hat// green neckpiece

 Sorry for the heavy blog post! I just have to post those pictures! :)

As promised, I'm trying my best to update my blog despite my busy schedule! Oh and btw, thank you so much to AVA TE! I won the 3rd prize in her blog give away! Visit her blog too! She's so AMAAAZING! She'll also be having her third give away soon so watch out for that! :) ARTSY FARTSY AVA

Have the best Friday tomorrow! 


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