Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Indian summer in the middle of winter.

I'm sorry for being MIA this week! I've been very busy, given the fact that I've been attending review sessions for the LET exam this coming September, and the wedding we've handled in Subic this weekend. I'm also very sick today due to the intense heat here in Manila, so this might be the perfect time to blog again, and continue my  last blog entry. :)

There's something about sand and water that make them go together, even if they're very opposite in many ways.  

Here are some random pictures from my recent beach experience in Mariveles, Bataan. :) So far, I can say this is one of the best beaches Philippines has to offer to the world. Trolololol. :) A VERY HEAVY BLOG POST. :)

On our way to the beaaaach! Sorry for the tired face. :)

 The "holding area" of the guests was 30 minutes away from the place where we've stayed. We took advantage of this 30-minute-ride and took some naps to be energized!HAHA :)
Meet my girls. They're very ready to hit the beach! :)

Another shot, while waiting for the distribution of tickets.


Outfit of the HOUR? HAHAHA :)
Brown crocheted blazer- Aeropostale
Purple spandex razor back
Floral skirt- Forever 21
Oversized sunnies
Layered necklace
Random braceletes
Yellow flipflops- Havaiannas

Hello there, beautiful background! :) HAHA.

My ticket! :)

Our tickets! :)

Hello there, ferry boat! :)
The dreadful walk before we reached the ferry boat.

Me wearing the very bright life vest. 

Stolen. :)
Close-up shot. :)
With Delfa and Janella :)
There's Camaya! :)

Mine. HAHA chos :)
During lunch. :)

The royalties. Nicai, Tita Jing and Ate Yna. :)

Woah. The Boracay of the North! :)

The perfect place to take naps. :)

I was super mega conscious about my body, that made me decide not to put pictures of myself wearing my two-piece. HAHA :)


Floral cover up
Pink scarf
Blue and red beads layered necklace
Random colored braceletes

Due to the skin-burning heat, Jowee and I decided to check out Camaya's infinity pool. The place was absolutely gorgeous.

Improvised nipa huts

DROOL! The infinity pool! :)

Since the ferry boat will be leaving at around 5 pm, we freshen-up at around 4pm so that we could still roam around the place.Who says black is so out this summer? I guess not. :)

Black floral dress K2
Beaded necklace from a friend
Scarf worn as a headband with ribbon
Yellow flipflos

With girlfriends :)


Sorry for the blurry photos. We couldn't adjust the settings of the cam. :( Poor, illiterate us. :( HAHA.

 After taking a lot of pictures near the pool area, we toured around the vicinity of Camaya. A van fetched us from the beach, and brought us to the the top of the mountain where the villas and condo units are located. From there, you can see the beautiful picturesque of beach, the sky and the shore. Lovely.Breath-taking. Priceless.

Taking advantage of the mirror!

The bedroom!

Beautiful couch!

Living room :)

The huge mirror!

Girl power!

The veranda :)

We also visited the lot that my friend's family bought. :)

 After the tour, we went back to the beach and had our last photo session.

Our ticket.

Last glimpse of Camaya's shore.


I promise I'll be back, Camaya. I promise. :)


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