Thursday, April 7, 2011

The end where I begin.

 APRIL 1, 2011.
The happiest April fool's day ever!
My graduation day! :)

Finally, the idea that I'm already done with college had already sunk in.I'm now ready to blog about this special day, where a phase of my life officially ended, and where a new one is already waiting. I hate goodbyes. I never had liked the idea of farewell. But all things do end, whether we like it or not. We cannot choose endings, even for those things and people whom we learned how to love. College life had ended. But the real life is just about to begin.

The stage :)

During the walk. Another shit face. HAHA :)

My lovely garlfrens. :)

Proud parents :)

Congratulations to my dear parents. They've finally graduated also! From paying my school bills. Congrats! :)

(I know, we were wearing our school uniform underneath our toga. HOHO. )

I'm feeling super lazy to upload more pictures. I'll add more next time. :) Forgive my laziness. :)

Being able to achieve something means that the expectations around you will be one step higher than usual. That's how life goes. :) 


Now I'm preparing myself as I enter the mad, rat race. Thanks to my family, friends, teachers, my source of inspiration and of course, Him, for equipping me with skills, abilities and talents that would help me meet the demands of this world and the pressure of this life. :)

Kudos Batch 2011. God's smiling from the heavens, feeling very proud for what we have achieved. Keep up the good work! :)



thechyrelgomez said...

congrats nikki! this is just the first big step and you deserve everything! :)

Nikki Abella said...

Chyrel! Thank you so much dear! I'm really excited to what God prepared for me. :)

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