Thursday, April 7, 2011

Til we meet again.

 My blog entry's title is inspired by Stephen Speaks"Leaving Song". I really love this song! If you have the time, just click the link and listen to it. I assure you it's worth the try! :)

This school year, aside from my graduation last April 1, my nephew, Gelo, also graduated from high school! It calls for a double celebration! Hoho. Since I have spent my high school years in SSA just like him, watching the whole graduation ceremony was way beyond nostalgic! I suddenly remembered all the things that had happened four years ago. How tears  voluntarily fell from my cheek every now and then, how I valued every hug from my friends and classmates that day, how heavy my heart was while singing our graduation song and alma mater song for one last time, and how scared I was to end the night because that would mean farewell to the people whom I learned to cherish for the longest time. 


LBD worn as a dress- TOMATO
Beige tutu skirt- Xhilaration
Black wedge- Chelsea


I look like a shit, I KNOW! HAHA! Don't mind the "nene" face. I just want to reminisce, that's all. :) I would be coming back from where I came from, because on June, I will be one of the faculty members of SSA. It's 5% awkward to be co-teachers with your previous mentors, but the remaining 95% is the feeling of fulfillment. 

Since I have given you a glimpse of how my high school life was spent, I'll be seeing my high school "barkada" tonight. I'm really excited to see all of them! Gotta go, guys! Til my next post! :)


readytobeextraordinary said...

I can say that highschool life was the best part of our school life ever..:D I love the tutu skirt! :) And Congratulations to you and to your nephew!!! <3 Thanks for following me, followed you back!:)


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

high school was one of the best times in my life...<3 and i know what you mean about being nostalgic when visiting your old school..i get like everytime i visit mine. every time.hehe.

ps. thanks for following my blog! hope you could shop at <3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Alejandro said...

Oh! Me encanta! In Spain don't exist The graduation... only you get a title :(

I follow you,

Sarah said...

Thanks for your sweet comment and your follow on my blog and chictopia! I really appreciate all the support :)

Nikki Abella said...

@Mickey. I totally agree with you! Without these people, we'll never be who we are right now. :) Thank you dear! :) It's my pleasure! :)

@Gizelle. We share the same sentiments! Memories keep coming back in a wink. HAHA :) Oh well. High school will forever play a big part in our lives. :) Sure, I'll check it out! :)

@Alejandro. Awww. I hope you could also feel how high school and graduation days are important in our country. :) It's one of the most awaited events in the life of a student :) Thanks for following back! :)

@Sarah. No problemo!:) I'll check your blog often. Take care sweetie! :)

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