Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bon Voyage!

If I could find a word that describes someone who's busier than the word "busiest", I might use that adjective to describe how busy I am with all the priorities and responsibilities that I need to accomplish. I'm down with fever now, that's why I didn't go to school (to work). I would want to grab this opportunity to update my blog! YAY! I'm saying sorry in advance, for I will be flooding your dashboards. :) 

Papa flew for US a couple of weeks ago, and tbh, I really miss him so badly! We has a little skype-ing yesterday before going to Loyola to visit my Lola, who is celebrating her second birthday today with the good Lord. :) Here are some pictures with the fam bam during Papa's little despedida in Chinatown, Banawe. :)

Arkin's such a cutie! :)

Chinatown. :)

Phasinggggg. HAHA :)
Chillin' with Andrewboy

I feel like a kid whenever I'm with them. IMMATURITY STRIKES. HAHA

Arkin and kuya :)

Papa and his grandkids haha

Whatta face. I look stu. HAHA

Haggard face: SO ON!

With the fam :)

Why so wasted?


Oversized blue blazer // Pink top // Multi-layered Green beaded necklace // HWS jeans // Navy blue Longchamp // Yellow belt // black flats

*Sorry for the low-quality photos!*

See you in a few years, Pa! I miss you!


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